"Favorite Song" Hits #1 on K102

Hello Everyone –

When I decided to release a solo record late last year, I'll admit that I was very nervous.  Rocket Club had accomplished SO MUCH and released so much great music that I knew the bar was set very high.  I just hoped to put out some music you folks would like and keep playing shows you would enjoy coming to.  Well, here I set in October after spending the summer traveling all over the upper Midwest and I simply can’t believe how lucky I have been.  Last night, our second single of the summer, "Favorite Song", went to #1 on K102's Top Five at Five.  I happened to be listening at the time and I will admit I got very emotional.  It's a HUGE honor for a regional act to get even one spin on a station the caliber of K102.  To have two singles go to #1 on their countdown in the same calendar year...well, that's way more than I could have expected.  And the best part?  The Top Five at Five is completely determined by how much you, the listeners, like the song.  So Thank You, Fans, Friends, and Family.  Thank You K102.  Thank You to ALL of the stations that have played my songs this year.  Thank You to all of the Fans that have come out to the shows and given us a shot.  I promise you all this...we have just begun.  The calendar for 2015 is filling up and more new music is on the horizon.  I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Thanks for being a part of my dream come true!