"Holdin' Up Everything We've Built on Top" | Weekend Recap

The merch arrived at 9:45...the CDs at 10:20 Friday morning.  To say that we cut it close on the release of the new album "Country Underneath" is to put it mildly. But it all came together thanks to the efforts of many led by the talented twosome of SarahJane Hoey and Kelly Kamish Bakke.  The CHB took the stage at Treasure Island on schedule for our party Friday night. And you guys came!!  On a Holiday weekend, you made your way to the Island for us. Thank You So Much. What a special night.  We hope you liked all of the Skyy Vodka and American Honey whiskey as much as we did! We then headed off for Iowa to play the TreeTown Music Festival in front of hundreds of people. The band and crew were on point and we put on quite a party for a very large group of people that were seeing us for the first time. 

In other words, we had a spectacular weekend and the response to the new record has been tremendous. I love when so many people pick many different songs as their favorite. So far, it seems like the duets are sparking a lot of interest. With that in mind, I put in a call to my talented friend, Joe Perovich and asked him to throw together a quick lyric video for the song "One Day" featuring Keri Noble. He grabbed a bunch of pics from Kix Photography and got it done. You can see the lyric video here

To download or purchase the new CD, check out the "Country Underneath" Music page: "Country Underneath"

So, the record is done and the summer has begun! We have shows almost every weekend through September. Won't you join us?