1. Good Liar


It was a pretty good performance
Yesterday out on the street
Maybe they should give me
an Emmy
Or an Oscar
Cuz you didn't suspect a thing
I made small talk
On the sidewalk
I even laughed out loud
And I didn't blink an eye when I told you that
I'm happy now

I'm a good liar
I had you believin
I wasn't dying
Watching you leaving
I'm good at pretending
I stood there unflinching
Baby with my heart on fire
Hey I'm a good liar

Truth is I've had a lot of practice
And I've put on this show before
Just like the day you told me
We were history
I was brilliant standing right outside your door
I convinced you
And me too
It was gonna be alright
That we'd both be better off if I'd get on with my life

It's time I come clean
It's time I told the truth
No matter what I say I'm still in love with you
Baby I'm still in love with you