1. Town Drunk

From the recording Country Underneath (2015)

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Town Drunk

She used to come over to my house
She only lived a few miles away
I never knew why but my momma said
If she wanted to she could stay
She was a pretty little girl who fought like a boy
But she wanted to hold my hand
She had a little blue dress that she always wore
And I mighta been her only friend

I remember that summer like yesterday
She used to hang around all the time
Down by the creek we would always play
Tell secrets by the porch light
Shy as a bird
Timid as a flower
I wonder where she grew up
I never really thought that much about it
But everybody said Her daddy was the town drunk

Broken like a bottle
Running from the only home she ever had
Tangled in the talk behind her back
He thought she was nothing
Growing like a weed on the wrong side of the tracks
How could anyone not love a girl like that?

One afternoon in the middle of town
I saw her daddy sleepin on a bench
I walked up and introduced myself
Said his daughter was my best friend
He stared at me like he didn't care
Asked me for a coupla bucks
Right then I decided
That I’d look after
That pretty little girl
Whose daddy was the town drunk.

Several years later
We read in the paper
That her daddy had passed away
I was holdin her hand
She had our baby in the other
There was really nothing I could say
She smiled at me and I gave her a kiss
All that mattered was the three of us
Nobody thought that it would all work out for that pretty little girl
Whose daddy was the town drunk