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"Fight the Fire"

This song and video (which you can watch below) are a joint statement. To me the point is obvious, but also incredibly important. We must stop allowing ourselves to be divided. Those that would divide us, regardless of which side they are on, are not our friends.  They are not patriots. They are the enemy. Those who look to unite, even when it is at their own peril, are the true leaders of our nation. Of humanity. Strive to find those leaders, or, even better, to become one. The future is in flux. Embrace our differences as opportunities to learn. Enjoy the adventure of it.   

Fight the Fire. 

Thank you to everyone at Cultivated CBD for supporting the creation and message of this song and video. True partnerships matter. True friendships, like the one we have Cultivated, matter even more.  

Chris Hawkey 


Thank you to the guys at BlazeAir Productions for bringing the vision to reality for this video. Fight the Fire is available exclusively for download right now on our website, under the music tab and will be available on iTunes and everywhere you download and listen to music very soon. 



"Equal in Ashes"

During the pandemic year of 2020, I had an idea, and the time to give it a shot. I’d been flirting with the thought of writing and recording a very hard rock record for a long time. The time had come. I met with Matt Kirkwold and Ian Combs and asked them if they’d be my guides and gurus on this journey. To my surprise and delight, they accepted. 

For more than a year, the three of us have been writing and recording. The challenges for me were quite numerous, as I had never written or recorded modern heavy music. But Ian and Matt allowed me to bask in the light of their collective genius while guiding me through the process of creating my first hard rock collection. I think it’s a great record and I’m very excited for you to hear it.

The first song we are releasing from the record is a cover of one of the greatest songs of all time, "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin. Our hope was that we could update and modernize the song while staying true to the original composition.  I believe we have accomplished that, with the help of Cold Kingdom’s Chris Morley on drums.

Download "Immigrant Song" today here:

So, here is song #1 from the album Equal in Ashes by the band Chris Hawkey and The Dark Aurora. Song #2 “Fight the Fire” will be released on October 8th, which is the day before our first live show as we open for Cold Kingdom at Route 47 on October 9th. Please make plans to join us as we storm the stage as a band for the first time.    

I hope you enjoy this song and decide to take the rest of the journey into this uncharted territory with me as well. 

Thank you! 
Chris Hawkey


Vikings Purple Nation Hype Video 

Shout out to the guys at Blaze Air MN and AJ Mansour for the hype video

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