1. Baseball Cap

From the recording Set Free (2018)

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It was a small town bar
A cover band with small town stars
Strong drinks in mason jars
Good friends, my girl and me
Yeah she gave me a glance
And asked if maybe there was a chance
That tonight I might wanna dance
With the girl who loves me

Then they played our song
And she started singing along
And before I knew it we were moving all over the floor

I love it when she moves like that
Tshirt blue jeans and a baseball cap
When she smiles and she moves to the best of the drum
I can't help but be overcome
And I wonder if I'll ever seem
As perfect to her as she is right now to me
When she smiles and she moves like that
T shirt blue jeans and a baseball cap

As the night moved on
We didn't notice the change of the songs
We were too high on love and laughter
My moves were a disaster but I couldn't take my eyes
Off the sway of her hips
Her eyes her smile and her cocktail kiss
I sent a prayer above
for my life and my love
And for giving me a night like this

It took me so long just to find her
So I take every chance to remind her.