From the recording Country Underneath (2015)

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From the moment you walked in the door – it was all over
I watched you light up the room as you worked your way thru the crowd
There was no way to turn around – my eyes were frozen
My heart didn’t stand a chance

I’m captivated by somebody I only met tonight
Fascinated by feelings that I’ve never felt inside
I don’t wanna spend this night wondering and waiting
I wanna start something new
I’m captivated by you

I caught you looking at me from the corner of my eye
Felt my body catch fire and I wanted to run and hide
I thought everyone in the room could hear my heart beating
Now there’s no looking back


Can I call you
Can I see you
Can we talk
Do you have the same feeling
‘Cause I wanna get to know you
Wanna kiss you
Wanna hold you right now
Do we have to wait for morning
Can we go somewhere together this evening
Do you wanna take a chance with me
Do you wanna fall in love?


Words and Music by Pamela McNeill. Light Light Boom, ASCAP, c. 2014