1. Hallelujah

From the recording Country Underneath (2015)

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Out there on that fine line
That everybody walks sometimes
That's where I've been livin
It feels like my head is spinnin
I can't stop the days from flying by
Lately it’s been hard to see
Past all the bad on my TV
Drive by shootings
Civil wars
Husbands and wives slamming doors
It's like the worlds run out of peace

But I saw a family today in a restaurant
Join hands and all bow their heads to pray
And I thought
God is still up in the sky

I spent most of the afternoon
Working on my point of view
Thinking I should slow it down
Stop for a second look around
At all the things That I been missin
Start counting a few blessings

And I walked through the door tonight
When I got home
I heard my little girl yell daddy's home
She came and jumped into my arms
And I thought

I'm so tired of being one of those people who's always walking around looking down looking right past the flower in the middle of all those weeds
Who can't see the forest for all those trees
Maybe I should say a few more hallelujahs