From the recording Country Underneath (2015)

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One Day

A hey there 
A cold beer 
A half smile saying maybe 
A Party dress 
Front porch steps
A come on in, come on in, it’s raining I felt the lonely fade, as she said my name..  

One day, hey, hey, hey
Can change everything
One roll of the of the dice, and you're in the game 
What kept you up the night before it don’t matter anymore 
Yeah the right one comes along and all it takes is
One day, hey hey hey -
One day hey hey hey 

Lay away 
Diamond ring 
A pocketful of a nervous burning question
Borrowed dress
Courthouse steps 
Coca cola cans behind a chevy  


The good the bad the heaven the hell 
The Years of pictures filling shelves 
The two of us dancing in the darkness 
Then a little heart beats on a screen 
And Turns the two of us to three 
Aw Ain’t it kinda crazy how it started...
A hey there 
And a cold beer 
And that half smile sayin maybe 


One day hey hey hey - one day hey hey hey